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CHQ Bank A/C details


Branch: PURASAWALKAM, Chennai.

IFSC Code : SBIN0001515 (5th character is zero)

MICR Code : 600002041


CHQ Treasurer

Com TATA BABU KARNAM, M:+91944985473

Sushil Tripathi
Circle Secretary SNEA, UP(E)



PHQ Bank A/C details


Branch: Main Branch, Hazratganj, Lucknow - 226001

IFSC Code : SBIN0000125 (5th character is zero)

MICR Code : 226024002


Circle Treasurer

Com RK Shukla, M:+919415149444

BSNL Zindabad               Executives Unity Zindabad               SNEA Zindabad



Team SNEA UPE meet our new CGMT on his joining today. SNEA UPE greeted him on behalf of executives of UPE and extend all out support for improvement of BSNL UPE.
Of course, this was a welcome meeting, we apprised him some present technical challenges faced by UPE Circle viz OFC outage & NTR failure. He conveyed positive vibes & explained us his approach for improvement in NW & HR.




21.05.2024 Meeting with CGM (UPE) on 21.05.2024

On dated 21.05.2024 Team SNEA UPE and CS/CP SEWA meet to the CGMT UPE and discussed following HR issues in details for early resolution.
1. JTO/SDE OTP/AGM request pending :-We expressed our concern about delay in OTP request cases disposal as assured to association on many occasion. Further we apprised CGMT that JTOs OTP from Jan2022 and SDE from July 2022 and AGM OTP since OTP policy are pending in UPE as Administration not following instruction of BSNLCO policy of 6monthly ordered in this regards. On this CGM sir asked it is twice or once in year and after confirmation He told as per SNEA letter OTP upto Jan-2024 not possible in one go but Mgmt try to dispose OTP upto Jan2023 taking criteria of 05 years upto March 2023 in normal case and 03 years in spouse cases . We advocated that let cases of outside request of popular station of Lucknow/Prayagraj/Kanpur may be considered upto current OTP.
Finally He assured already two three round discussion done with data but it is inter-related with longest stay list so it is explored that after green signal of BSNLCO order were issued.
2. Modification request of JTOs longest stay transfer cases issued: -We request that many cases were represented by SNEA and individual request for modification as these JTOs did not get opportunities to exercise 03 options and as JE cadre is SSA cadre previously so 12 years was compulsion to them to serve at one SSA . As policy of compulsory transfer in longest stay started from last 2 years so no one was at his/her own faults. Many genuine cases viz chronic disease, Spouse and 12th class even ignored.
On this CGM sir replied that once he reviewed all cases represented to him and many have given single choice, some have given request for change from soft to soft and some demanded Lucknow/Prayagraj/Kanpur after serving more than 20 years.
We further request that own cost, erp entries and genuine cases viz far place posting/spouse must be considered to motivate workforce and necessary action asap.
He assured that modification will be reviewed at last on merit.
3. Relieving of soft tenure completed JTOs: - We request that soft tenure completed JTOs must be released as BA heads not relieving. He assured necessary action ASAP.
4. Assoc Immunity cases: -CGM sir assured that all cases after BA verification issued shortly.
5. Issues related with merger of CO CM unit and BA Lucknow unit: -As per the concern of individual issue related to merger explained to CGM sir and He assured positive action.
6. Excess look-after arrangement in some BAs duplicity of work and violation of reservation guidelines of SC-ST roster:-
We explained matter related some BAs were some groups creating nuisance and spoil work environment for others as duplicity of work have no accountability and as per BSNLCO look after post must be limited. CGM sir acknowledge our concern and admit there is no LA in DOT here in UPE only several LA given earlier. He assured that after June all LA will be reviewed from Circle and suitable instruction will be issued as per need.
        Other issues such as Ericsson MSC vendor unsupported, NTR media outage , Challenges in 4G and Bharatnet discussed at depth. Meeting lasted for more than 1.5 hours.
        SNEA UPE is optimistic on various issues discussed and expressed his gratitude to the CGM sir for sparing us time.


15.03.2024 Agenda Meeting with CGM (UPE) on 14.03.2024

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     A formal agenda meeting with majority association SNEA UPE held on dated 14.03.2024 under chairmanship of CGMT.  All Vertical heads CFA/EB/CM/S&M/TX and BA head Lucknow attended the said meeting with full preparation .

     SNEA UPE represented by Sh Nikhil Ranjan-VP,Sh Sushil Tripathi-CS, Shri Arun Shah  ACS, Shri Rishi Prakash  ACS(F), Shri Ashish Ranjan Srivastva ACS, Shri Jyoti Prakash AS, Shri Moolchand  PHQ Advisor, Shri R.K Shukla CT, Shri Sandeep Kumar Pal OS and Sh Piyush Vrma CWC.

     As per agenda given by association that is displayed on UPE portal id 99863 dated 11.01.2024.

    Meeting started with address of hon CGMT followed by Circle Secretary on various company issues and HR issues of our executives pending in UPE.

1.CM issues such as shortage of vehicle, hardware, 4G project execution operational issues, minilinks and back haul planning discussed and replied by management in writing and future planning.

2.CFA issues such as initial cost of FTTH to customer, OTT, LL to FTTH conversion, CNOC and NTR issues discussed in length and suggestion is accepted by Mgmt.

3.S & M-Marketing material, POSH, 4G SIM and Visibility issues discussed.

4.Transmission issues:-Linear OFC routes, SLA tender, OFC rehabilitation, Gonda/Farukhabad/Azamgarh ,MTTR ,Vehicle shortage and NTR OFC outage discussed at length.

5.Civil & Electrical matters:- BSNL staff quarter maintenance, Allotment of higher quarters in SR Drinking water & minimum sanitization of BSNL building raised and suggestion put through that is welcomed.

6.HR Issues:-

-       Declaration of sanction strength of JTO/SDE/AGM/and JAO/AO in OAs to ensure transparency in transfer posting discussed at length .It is ensured that it will be done in April 2024.

-       Soft tenure completed JTOs posting SNEA UPE regularly follow up this issues and Admin reply it will be done in last week of March. In addition Mgmt ensure who will be opt soft tenure station, He/She will be surely get chance to return to its parent OAs.

-       OTP/Request transfer issues :-We explained that several numbers of request transfer pending in UPE from Jan2022 onwards in JTO/SDE/JAO/AO cases and not a single AGM OTP done in intra circle. It is replied that request transfer cases will be considered after April first week with administrative constraint but we explained long pendency and submit documents whereas request transfer can be done .It is agreed most of OAs where request is low can be done but for popular station like Lucknow,Prayagraj ,Kanpur and Varanasi there will be chance of limited OTP as only 10% trf can be done in a year. Further we explained rules for clarity that is examined by Admin.

-    Entry of Divyang(PH) cases, Immunity in transfer of PH/Ladies and Special C.L entry discussed with supporting documents. It is replied by mgmt to consider all as per guidelines.

-    Strengthing of MM streamline process by dedicated posting of Executives in Finance wing and Engg wing discussed where mgmt ensure it will be done after april2024.

-    Rotational transfer of sensitive posts.

-    Pending SC/ST/Ladies grievances in UPE and Reservation violation in Look after arrangement raised by association.

Mgmt asked for ruling and Assoc submitted. It is ensured by management to address shortly as per guidelines.

    Further Details will be shared in minutes of meeting. Meeting concluded on positive note and vote of thanks by Sr GM HR. Meeting lasted for more than 4 hours.



Today Team SNEA UPE met CGMT UPE and held discussion on following points:-
1. Restructuring review data pendency in UPE: We informed about pendency of data of some BAs viz SUL BA, STP BA, JHI BA & Bnet BA and other verticals. CGM Sir intervened immediately and asked GM(Admin) to call personally BA heads to submit data in this week itself and issue a D.O from CGM side.
2. Request transfer cases (Soft tenure & OTP): We reminded CGMT Sir about discrimination faced by executives of specially JTOs of Prayagraj and Lucknow who were transferred on pick and choose basis .He acknowledge the issue. We requested CGM Sir for considering such OTP cases on priority basis specially those who has completed soft tenure. We also requested about Post 2016 LICE JTOs requests who were transferred out of SSA after JTO promotions. Further we requested about pendency of OTP cases in JTO/SDEs/AGM who have completed more than 3-5 years; we requested to consider and dispose these cases on merit. He assured that He will intervene shortly and take decision on merit.
3. Special OTP Stay modification cases: We requested CGM Sir about cases where none of 03 choices considered and requested to allot at least one choice station. We also requested to give relaxation to those Executives whose children are in 12th standard up to March 2024. We gave all the justifications based on feedback of our DSs and individual cases. We are looking forward for positive outcome.
4. Association Immunity cases: We requested CGM Sir about immunity cases submitted. He informed that cases will be considered as per REA rules. We further requested to provide immunity to ladies, Divyang & Critical medical cases from transfers.
5. Company issues such as Batteries, PP procurement, BTS UP time, FTTH and 4G project wrt UPE were also discussed in depth.


Visit of Mirzapur & Prayagraj:

     Team SNEA/SEWA UPE comprising Shri Sushil Tripathi CS SNEA, Shri Dinesh Gautam CS SEWA, Shri Ravishankar CP SEWA & Shri Arun Shah ACS SNEA visited Mirzapur & Prayagraj on 02.09.2023.

      In all the places, a well organized interactive sessions were arranged & participated by the almost all the Executives of OA; deliberations took place on different issues pertaining to BSNL & HR. CS explained the issues with clarity based on facts on 3rd PRC, Promotion aspects in Telecom, Civil, Electrical & finance,E2E3 standard pay scale,22820 pay scale to E1A recruits, Pay loss issues to LICE JTOs post 2016, JAO/Gate JTOs E1+5 till E2 scale, MSRR-2023 modification, Restructuring review, GTI & MHI premium along with BSNL MRS and OTP request transfer.
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      Today, the CGMT UPE met representative of Associations for successful conduct of MV.
     It was attended by PGM CFA, PGM (S&M) Circle Observer, GM (A), CE Electrical (Asst Returning Officer ), PGM Bharatnet BSNLCO Observer and others Admin officer. CS SNEA also attended attended the said meeting.

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28.08.2023 & 29.08.2023

Visit of Bahraich, Lakhimpur, Pratapgarh & Raebareli:

    Team SNEA UPE comprising CS, Shri Arun Shah ACS, Shri Shakeel Ahmad DS LWTD visited Bahraich OA and Lakhimpur OA on 28.08.2023.

   Team SNEA UPE comprising CS, Shri Arun Shah ACS, Shri Shailendra DS NCRGN visited Pratapgarh OA and Raibareli OA on 29.08.2023.

      In all the places, a well organized interactive sessions were arranged & participated by the almost all the Executives of OA; deliberations took place on different issues pertaining to BSNL & HR. CS explained the issues with clarity based on facts on 3rd PRC, Promotion aspects in Telecom, Civil, Electrical & finance,E2E3 standard pay scale,22820 pay scale to E1A recruits, Pay loss issues to LICE JTOs post 2016, JAO/Gate JTOs E1+5 till E2 scale, MSRR-2023 modification, Restructuring review, GTI & MHI premium along with BSNL MRS and OTP request transfer.
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Report of GB at Jhansi on 23.08.2023:

     With the earnest request of Shri Sushi Tripathi, CS SNEA UP East, a few meetings were already proposed at Lucknow, Varanasi and Kanpur in the month of August, where we have requested Shri MS Adasul, GS SNEA, to come with Shri ND Ram, GS SEWA to Jhansi also, who is one of our strong alliances during MV-3 to be held on 12th Sept 2023.

     Team SNEA Jhansi determined that there was a window of opportunity where we could also call our leaders in Jhansi, so we asked Shri Pranjal Srivastava, DS Kanpur, to wrap up his schedule in Kanpur by 1 or 1:30 so that the leaders could travel to Jhansi to inform us of the most recent events in Delhi and to provide us with guidance during MV-3.

     SNEA Team Jhansi has made all the arrangements at the eleventh hour and arranged a special General Body Meeting of SNEA Jhansi: At Hotel Prabha, Jhansi, where around 150 executives have gathered across the Associations to listen the views of our leaders of Circle/CHQ. During the entire programme, the dias was decorated with stars of different galaxies, and along with 2 General Secretaries, AIP SNEA, 5 Circle Secretaries, Joint Secretary Central, AGS (HQ) , two ACS [SNEA & SEWA], 7 DSs and various OBs were present.

    When both the GS stepped down from the vehicle along with the other two CS and two ACSs, all the members of SNEA and SEWA of Jhansi welcomed them at the main entrance, and the entire atmosphere was filled with positive vibes amid the slogans of SNEA, SEWA and CBOWA Zindabad, BSNL Zindabad!!! Com Adasul Zindabad, Com ND Ram Zindabad. The entire road was jammed for more than 15 minutes with people looking forward to see their great CHQ leaders for just once. Shri Yogesh Kumar, DS SEWA, along with Shri Pavitra Singh AGS SNEA and their entire Jhansi team welcomed the Guests.

    The Grand meeting of SNEA Jhansi Branch was held on Wednesday 23/08/2023 in Hotel Prabha, Jhansi. Dignitaries sitting on the dias were Shri Satish Chandra, DP, Shri MS Adasul GS SNEA, Shri ND Ram GS SEWA, Shri Manish Samadhiya, AIP SNEA, Smt. Anu Agarwal CP BSNLCO, Shri Ajai Trivedi CS SNPWA UPE, Shri Arvind Pal Dahiya, CS SNEA BSNLCO, Shri Sushil Tripathi, CS SNEA, Shri Dinesh Gautam, CS SEWA, Shri Arun Shah, ACS SNEA, Shri Atul Kumar ACS SEWA. Shri Sumit Saxena Joint Secretary (Central) CHQ,  Shri RK Deepak, CS SNEA MP and Shri Mukesh Soni, Circle Treasurer MP.

     In just three days of hard work, Team Jhansi has arranged a blockbuster show of 5 hours where more than 20 executives from Orai, Hamirpur, Banda and Chattarpur have also joined on our invitation. This program has also been blessed by Shri PK Sirothiya, Shri RK Barat, Shri Angad Kumar, Shri MU Khan, Shri CD Soni, Shri A Saxena, Shri VK Mishra, Shri Radha Krishna, our veteran leaders of SNEA Jhansi and Shri ND Sahu from Orai.

    The program begun with the lighting of the lamp by our CHQ/PHQ and District leaders and members followed by Saraswati Vandana nicely sung by Ms. Mina Kumari, Smt. Richa Chauhan, Smt. Vandana Bhadauria and Smt. Sandhya Shakya. The lighting of the lamp followed by Saraswati Vandana has paved the way for the blissful success of the GB meeting, which already elated soul and mind of each and every participants.

    After this, our leaders on the dias were honored by garlanding by almost each and every member present there. CHQ/PHQ and other leaders were overwhelmed by this much of love and respect, which was also visible from their eyes as garlands completely obscuring their necks. Both the GSs had also been wrapped together in GAJMALA, which might be remembered for forever by all.

    At the outset of the open session, Shri Pavitra Singh AGS (HQ) being the member of the host branch Jhansi delivered the welcome speech, congratulating all the executives and members on attending this auspicious meeting, coming from various parts, and elaborating on the topic of the purpose of this meeting just before MV, He hoped that SNEA UPE will secure votes in four figures in 3rd MV and more than 2/3rd votes in PAN India. Shri Yogesh Kumar, DS SEWA Jhansi and his team have also welcomed all the dignitaries by garlanding them.

    The very first leader who came on the dias was Shri Sumit Saxena Jt. Secretary (Central) who briefed the CHQ activities and specifically told what happened with list-12 people, how they have been betrayed by the majority association, and how the leaders of majority association have gotten promoted at the cost of the promotion of list 12 executives. He clearly explained how one particular association has buried the aspirations of thousands of executives by regularly telling them in open meetings that they want 4500 promotions and that nothing less than that is acceptable. But, what happened afterwards, known to one and all.

   The second speaker was Smt. Anu Agarwal CP BSNLCO who emphasized the role of female executives in the coming membership verification. Madam told us that it’s time to come out, take the leadership, and support SNEA because SNEA is for all and we are not divided. She also emphasized the various issues that are specifically related to female executives. She explained in detail, since the beginning, the betrayal of then the existing leadership to merge the SNEA BSNLCO body with AIGETOA. But it was timely thwarted. When the new CHQ i.e. SNEA 2.0 leadership joined BSNL, the total membership strength of SNEA was less than 40 [it was kept low because of vested interest] but due to constant efforts SNEA BSNLCO now the total strength increased to 140. She also made a promise to the house that SNEA in BSNLCO will get more than 200 votes alone, which will be the remarkable figure even after VRS.

    Now it was the turn of our mentor, our former CS SNEA UPE Shri. Ajai Trivedi, now CS SNPWA, who has successfully run this association for more than 8 years from the front and has played a vital role since he joined the department. He had given emphasis on how our services could be improved. He talked about 3rd PRC & efforts of SNPWA, need of hour to improve in long-haul media and 4G/5G and discussed the areas where BSNL management really needs to think. He, on the behalf of SNPWA promised full support & extended all the best wishes to the SNEA for 3rd MV for victory with a huge margin.

    Next to him was Shri Atul Kumar who thanked all the executives of Jhansi. He further said that he has lots of friends in Jhansi of his batch and he was really happy to see the bonding and unity in the SNEA team in Jhansi. He further congratulated all the SNEA and SEWA members for the advance result, which will come out on the 14th Sept, 2023. He was very sure that in the 3rd MV, SNEA would win with flying colours. It is only the association that represents all batches and streams, and it is further said that we should be not divided in the name of batches and others.

    Now comes the turn of Shri ND Ram GS SEWA who has spoken on the subject for more than one and a half hour. He had started speaking on the issue of why SEWA in the last 2nd MV supported AIGETOA and told that up to one year everything was fine, but after that they had started showing their colours and forgot that SEWA had supported them on some specific issues pertaining to SC/ST Executives. GS SEWA told the gathering in Jhansi shows that the new CHQ SNEA 2.0 is really working hard for the executives and their long-pending issues. It is only the One who is sincerely fighting for the 3rd PRC; who can get Standard pay scales for our executives along with the resolution of long-pending pay loss issues. It's not one time, not a couple of times, but more than three times he has tested Shri MS Adasul and his team, and all the time they came up as pure gold from the furnace. He recalled the incident when General Secretary Shri MS Adasul clearly told CMD BSNL in front of thousands of executives in CWC Hyderabad that whatever stand taken by GS SEWA on reservation as per the norms under the constitution, he will abide by it fully and for the remaining issues, he will look into the matter along with the discussion and support of SEWA. GS SEWA has also told about the immature leadership of AIGETOA, which is deviated from the targets and started working against the betterment of the executives in BSNL. GS SEWA has appealed to all the members of SC/ST who are either neutral or have dual membership in SEWA and AIGETOA to cast their vote on 12th September 2023 at serial number 8 in favour of the Sanchar Nigam Executives' Association, i.e. SNEA.

     In a lighthearted tone, he referred to GS SNEA as Doctor Adasul (MS), who is capable of combating different types of negative forces that had entered in  BSNL since August 2020. However, this is the proper time for Doctor Adasul (MS) to combat and eradicate all types of negative forces from BSNL who are hindering the carrier prospects of Executives of BSNL. By voting of SEWA members for serial No. 8 to SNEA, SEWA will operate as a booster dose against these negative forces. By ignoring SDE lists of 12/13 and the SC/ST brothers, the present GS of Majority Association had initiated some very nefarious operations against the SC/ST brothers and was only concerned with their own promotions. More than 1100 seats are still lying vacant in the cadre of DGM, and more than 130 Adhoc DGMs are waiting for their turn. It is surprising to see that the 120+ DGMs out of 130 Adhoc DGMs are from the SC/ST cadre, and our sister association, whom SEWA has supported in last MV, has not taken any step to promote them. In fact, the truth is, they never had any intention of getting the promotion from AGM to regular DGM cadre [because they want to get their own promotions first], so they conspired to get MS RR modified on the last day i.e. 31st December 2022, when 1400 executives were eligible to get the promotion in DGM grade as per the old MS RR on 01st Jan, 2023. Surprisingly, it was Saturday, and at around 10:30 p.m. [a black night], the rules were changed. If those 1100 promotions could have been materialised, then there would have been the possibility of cascading promotions to 1100 posts in AGM Grade, 1100 posts in SDE Grade, and 1100 posts in JTO Grade. In a nut shell, doors would have been opened for more than 5000 promotions approx. in the BSNL for Executives. After quoting many incidences of betrayal, he strongly appealed to one and all especially members of SEWA that "If you believe in SEWA, if you believe in ND RAM then you must come out on 12th September 2023 to cast your vote in favour of SNEA at serial No-8"

    Shri Arvind Pal Dahiya, CS BSNLCO [a Marathon Runner also] and Shri RK Deepak, CS SNEA MP have extended their best wishes to the Jhansi team and have given good luck to SNEA UP (East) to win the upcoming MV with thumping majority as rising stars for resolution of the long-pending issues of Executives.

     Just afterwards, it was the turn of Shri MA Adasul GS SNEA to deliver the speech. GS SNEA in his own style, touched almost every issue and thanked SWEA and CBOWA for extending their support to us. He has said that he and his team are constantly in touch with AITEEA, DEWAB and AIBSNLOA also to seek their support and are quite hopeful that with these 3 Associations, some more associations will also support us before MV. GS SNEA in his speech, said that MV-3 is for the 3rd PRC, and it is going to be fought for the unification of Associations. After this MV, we will try to merge all the associations to realise the concept of One Management - One Association. Shri MA Adasul GS SNEA in his fiery speech, has also taught us not to spread hatred amongst the executives as we are all working in the same department. In his opinion, AIGETOA is not bad, and management is also not bad, but only a handful of selfish people who are leading at top are not doing justice with their roles given. He said that from the time he became GS he guided his CHQ team to work upon four core issues (A) 3rd PRC in BSNL (B) The standard pay scales and the various pay losses issues (C) SAB, Higher Pension, Government Pension Scheme D) Promotion in all cadres to all eligible Executives. If these 4 issues are resolved, then almost 80% of the issues of executives will be considered resolved, and only a few very small - small issues will remain, which also have to be taken care of by us in due course of time.

    He elaborated on the glory and prestige of the SNEA Association, its culture, constructive approach and the reputation of its leadership among the BSNL fraternity; stated the importance of relationship among individual members, acquaintances to each other in the organization, he elaborated the recent movements, fights made by this Association in protecting the members in terms of  transfers/postings and other benefits in regard to local issues even being the support Association; emphasizing the policy of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy which is brainchild of our SNEA Association & importance of its implementation in BSNL for regular career prospect/advancement of executives irrespective of wings and cadres of Executives. He explicitly pointed out the plight of executives who have not yet obtained regular promotion even after completing 10–15 years of service in various cadres. On 4G/5G, he said that BSNL has not got anything on ground and we are still deprived of by incorporating the new technologies. He said that management is continuously giving us the targets without providing us the resources; there are acute shortage of batteries as the condition of the electricity availability has not improved, media is also not stable and how to meet the targets without resources is still not known to us? In fact, these are also the core issues which needs to addressed as Majority Association fails to resolve these burning issues from last MV to this MV.

    After GS's speech, everyone gave him a standing ovation, and after his speech, shawls and bouquets were presented to all the dignitaries sitting on the dias. We have also presented shawls and bouquets to those who have recently been transferred away from Jhansi.

    Shri Sushil Tripathi CS SNEA, Shri Dinesh Gautam, CS SEWA and Shri Arun Shah, ACS SNEA also assured the members for resolution of issues & urged the Executives for thumping majority in the 3rd MV in UPE.

     In the last, Shri Manish Samadhiya has given us the best wishes for the grand successes in the upcoming MV. A vote of thanks has been given by the President of Jhansi, Shri Satish Chandra, and the house was adjourned for dinner, where we could have an informal talk with Shri Sushil Tripathi CS SNEA and Shri Dinesh Gautam CS SEWA.

    It will be a great injustice if we do not take the names of our members of Jhansi who were behind the success story of this entire program. Various teams were formed that worked together as a TEAM.

A. Flex committee:
1. Shri Konark katare
2. Shri Vikas Chaturvedi

B. Arrangement of Bouquets and Garlands:
1. Shri Mukesh Kr Sahu
2. Shri RD Kushwaha

C. Arrangement of Deep Prajwalan:
1. Shri Ankush Khurana
2. Shri Sanjeev Swarnkaar
3. Shri Mayank Sharma

D. Saraswati Vandana:
1. Ms. Mina Kumari Patwa
2. Ms. Richa Chauhan
3. Ms. Vandana Bhadouria
4. Ms. Sandhya Shakya

E. Badges arrangement:
1. Shri Sanjay Singh Kushwaha
2. Shri Rahul Srivastava

F. Seating arrangements:
1. Shri Lokpal Kushwah
2. Shri manoj kosta
3. Shri Raghuvendra Patel
4.Jitendra Kumar

G. Food Arrangements:
1. Shri Rakesh Kr Gupta
2. Shri Manish Gupta

H. Conveyance Arrangement:
1. Shri Vikas Chaturvedi
2. Shri SS Kushwaha
3. Shri Arbind Singh
4. Shri Narendra Sahai

I. Dias arrangement:
1. Shri Imran Khan
2. Shri Amit Sahu
3. Shri RD Kushwaha
4. Shri Satish Chandra
5.Jitendra Kumar

J Coordination to Executives at SDCA:
1. Shri Akhilesh Kumar Gautam
2. Shri Naresh Kumar Singh
3. Shri Pradeep Verma

K. Coordination Committee Incharge and Invitation Incharge and accompany to GSs and Guests:
1. Shri Sunil Khare
2. Shri Akhilesh Gautam
3. Shri Rajbabu
4. Shri Rohit Sachan
5. Shri Vijay Krishna Saxena
6. Shri OP Verma
7. Shri Rakesh Gupta
8. Shri Imran khan
9. Shri Vikas Chaturvedi
10. Shri Pavitra Singh
11. Shri Mahendra kumar Dinker
12.Jitendra Kumar

L. Food menu finalisation Committee:
1. Shir Manish Sahu
2. Shri Anver Khan
3. Shri Rahul Chaudhary
4. Shri Sanjeev Niranjan

M. Stationary Arrangements:
1. Shri Neelesh Chaurasia
2. Shri RS Seth
3. Shri Saroj Kumar

N. Hall Decoration and assistance to Flex Committee:
1. Shri Rajeev Pathak
2. Shri Sanjeev Kumar
3. Shri Sunil Kr Mishra
4. Shri Prashant Kumar
5. Shri Prashant Sharma
6. Shri Pavitra Singh
7.Jitendra Kumar

>>>>> Click here for photos of Jhansi on 23.08.2023

Report of GB at Varanasi on 22.08.2023:

District Conference of SNEA Varanasi was held at Shivpurwa, Varanasi, on 22.08.2023 along with SEWA under the Presidentship of Com Vinod Kumar (District President, SNEA Varanasi).

     It was attended by, Sri M. S. Adasul (GS SNEA), Sri N. D. Ram (GS SEWA, BSNL), Sri Pavitra Singh (AGS HQ, SNEA), Sri Sushil Tripathi (CS, SNEA UPE), Sri Dinesh Gautam (CS, SEWA UPE), Sri Arun Shah (ACS SNEA UPE) and Sri Atul kumar (ACS, SEWA UPE) and Sri Pankaj Srivastava DS Varanasi.

     All the prominent leaders of SNEA and SEWA addressed the gathering.  Sri Anil Kumar Gupta ji GM BA Varanasi also joined the "Open Session" and expressed his views. This conference was attended also by Sri Moolchand ji (DS Prayagraj) and Sri Subhash Verma (DS Mirzapur).

     All the members of SNEA and SEWA were present. Burning issues like 3rd PRC, Standard pay scales E2-E3, Pay loss, promotions in all streams and in all cadre etc were discussed elaborately.

The house vowed to work together to make SNEA not just no. 1 but to ensure absolute majority in MV

The house shows its confidence towards the association and the mood was electrifying. The conference lasted for more than 8 hrs and followed by nice dinner. This very successful mega event under the leadership of  Sri Pankaj Srivastava DS and his SNEA team will always be a memorable one. Every SNEA executives was full of zeal and enthusiasm.

Thanks to all OBs, Activists and members of SNEA Varanasi for making this conference a grand success.

BSNL Zindabad ...Executives Unity Zindabad...
SNEA Zindabad... SEWA Zindabad... CBOWA Zindabad ...
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Report of GB at Kanpur on 23.08.2023:

     On 23.08.2023 a special interactive session of SNEA, SEWA and CBOWA was organised at Door Sanchar Bhawan Mallroad Kanpur. The Chief guests for the session was none other than  Shri MS Adasul GS SNEA and  Shri ND RAM GS SEWA. The meeting was also graced by Shri Manoj Kushwaha All India Finance Secreatary CBOWA,  Shri Sushil Tripathi CS SNEA, Shri Ravishankar CP SEWA, Shri Dinesh Gautam CS SEWA,  Shri Arun Shah ACS SNEA,  Shri Atul Kumar ACS SEWA & Sri Pranjal Srivastava DS Kanpur.

     On behalf of SNEA Kanpur, Shri Pranjal Srivastava DS welcomed all the guests. A huge gathering of executives arrived to listen and interacted with the guests.
     Shri MS Adasul and Shri  ND RAM addressed the fully packed house and gave updates regarding the developments going on at the corporate office. Both the GSs answered all the queries of executives and told the executives regarding the need of a single powerful association for resolving all the issues of Executives.
     All leaders appealed to all the executives to Vote for SNEA at Sr no. 8 in the upcoming 3rd MV election on 12.09.2023.  Shri Sushil Tripathi CS SNEA UPE answered all the other queries of executives and produced roadmap for future promotions, OTP Transfers, JAO 2018 batch confirmation, 22820 issue court case, E2-E3 standard pay scale issue. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Shri Anurag Mishra District President and nice lunch.

BSNL Zindabad ...Executives Unity Zindabad...
SNEA Zindabad... SEWA Zindabad... CBOWA Zindabad ...

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Joint GB Meeting of SNEA & SEWA on 22.08.2023 at Varanasi:

Shri MS Adasul GS SNEA & Shri ND Ram GS SEWA will jointly address the GB meeting of Varanasi BA on 22.08.2023. It will also be address by Shri Pavitra Singh AGS SNEA, Shri Ravi Shankar CP SEWA, Shri Dinesh Gautam CS SEWA, Shri Sushil Tripathi CS SNEA, Shri Atul Kumar ACS SEWA, Shri Arun Shah ACS SNEA & Shri Pankaj Srivastava DS Varanasi & other prominent leaders.

Joint GB Meeting of SNEA & SEWA on 23.08.2023 at Kanpur:

Shri MS Adasul GS SNEA & Shri ND Ram GS SEWA will jointly address the GB meeting of Varanasi BA on 23.08.2023. It will also be address by Shri Pavitra Singh AGS SNEA, Shri Ravi Shankar CP SEWA, Shri Dinesh Gautam CS SEWA, Shri Sushil Tripathi CS SNEA, Shri Atul Kumar ACS SEWA, Shri Arun Shah ACS SNEA & Shri Pranjal Srivastava DS Kanpur & other prominent leaders.

Joint GB Meeting of SNEA & SEWA on 23.08.2023 at Jhansi:

Shri MS Adasul GS SNEA & Shri ND Ram GS SEWA will jointly address the GB meeting of Jhansi BA on 23.08.2023. It will also be address by Shri Manish Samadhiya AIP SNEA, Shri Pavitra Singh AGS SNEA, Shri Sumit Saxena Jt. (C) SNEA, Smt. Anu Agrawal CP SNEA Corporate Office, Shri Ravi Shankar CP SEWA UPE, Shri Ajai Trivedi CS SNPWA UPE, Shri Dinesh Gautam CS SEWA UPE, Shri Arvind Pal Dahiya CS SNEA Corporate Office, Shri Arvind Kumar CS SNEA Bihar, Shri RK Deepak CS SNEA MP, Shri Sushil Tripathi CS SNEA UPE, Shri Mukesh Soni CT SNEA MP, Shri Arun Shah ACS SNEA UPE, Shri Atul Kumar ACS SEWA UPE, Shri Konark Katare Acting DS JI, Shri Mukesh Sahu Area Secretary, Shri Imran Khan Area Organisation Secretary & other prominent leaders.

Video Invitation Card


      CEC of SNEA UPE Circle was organised at Lucknow on 12.08.2023. In the forenoon session, CEC members from all over the Circle deliberated the Company/HR issues pertaining to Executives of BSNL. Very fruitful discussion took place. In this meeting, CEC unanimously nominated following office bearers for smooth functioning of Association in the Circle viz. Shri Neeraj Shukla, Executive Engineer (E), Shri Ashish Ranjan Srivastva, JTO & Shri Jitendra Tripathi, SDE as ACS respectively; Shri Piyush Verma, JTO as CWC Member; Shri Ramji Yadav, SDE (C) Shri Jyoti Prakash, SDE & Shri Shailendra Pratap Katiyar as advisors respectively. Shri Ramadal Verma President extended vote of thanks. CEC also unanimously nominated Shri Sandeep Kumar Pal, SDE Kanpur as the Area Secretary (C).

      In the afternoon session, a grand 'OPEN SESSION' was organized. The topic was Human Resource Reforms & Executives Motivation in BSNL 2.0. Shri Sushil Tripathi CS SNEA gave the welcome speech. Around 300 Executives participated this open session which lasted around 7 hours in jam packed Conference Hall. This 'OPEN SESSION' was inaugurated by 'Deep Prajwalan' by the Chief Guests Shri MS Adasul GS SNEA & Shri ND Ram GS SEWA along with Guest of Honors Shri Manish Samasdhiya AIP SNEA, Shri Pavitra Singh AGS SNEA, Shri Sumit Saxena JS (C) SNEA, Shri Ajai Trivedi CS SNPWA, Shri Ravi Shankar CP SEWA, Shri Dinesh Gautam CS SEWA, Shri Rana Krantidarshi CS CBOWA and Shri Sushil Tripathi CS SNEA & other prominent guests. Above dignitaries also addressed the 'OPEN SESSION'.  

    The office bearers of SNEA, SEWA & CBOWA presented their views for growth of Company and on critical HR issues of the Executives viz. BSNL's role as strategic sector, Quality of services & Customer satisfaction,3rd PRC, replacement of E1A to E2, E2A to E3 i.e. Standard pay scales, 22820/pay-loss of JTO batch 2007/08 and JAO 2010 batch, pay-loss of JTOs at the time of their JE period, demand of E1+5 for E1 recruited executives, modifications of educational qualification in MSRR 2023, future promotion strategies for Executives in all cadres/streams (JTO to SDE, List 11,12,13 AGM promotion, DGM promotion, AO to CAO promotion etc.), Compensatory Off in place of 2nd Saturday to OA staffs, disposal of request transfer cases  in time bound manner, flaws & correction in IPMS, E6 pay scale stagnation issue, enhancement of perks, etc. discussed at length and road map was explained to resolve these issues in time bound manner.
In the last, Shri Gopal Krishna CHQ Advisor expressed vote of thanks to all dignitaries and executives.

    We extend sincere thanks to all the participants & all of our CEC Members/officer bearers especially of Lucknow [who left no stone unturned] for successful conduction of this historical CEC.

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SNEA UPE expresses its gratitude to SEWA UPE. Team consisting of Nikhil Ranjan Circle VP, Sushil Tripathi CS, Arun Shah ACS & Shakeel DS LWTD  handed over bouquet to Ravishankar CP & Dinesh Gautam CS SEWA UPE.

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Dear Committed Leaders, Office Bearers and True-Blue Members of all three layers i.e CHQ, Circle, SSA/District of SEWABSNL,

Namo Buddhay,
Jai Bheem

     On the Sincere Request of SNEA and as per the Approval of CWC meeting held on 4th July 2023, a resolution was Unanimously adopted in the Governing Body Meeting of SEWABSNL CHQ held at Mysore on 28th & 29th July 2023 to SUPPORT and VOTE for SNEA in the 3rd Membership Verification to be held on 12th September 2023. Accordingly, a Crystal Clear Understanding is made between SEWA and SNEA in presence of Myself including other leaders from SEWA Side - Shri S Titussam National President, Shri P N Perumal National Chief Advisor, Shri R A Meena NVP-I, Shri P S Das AGS (East), Satyaveer Singh AGS (Central), Shri Suresh Chand Meena ANFS, Shri P N Ahirwal OS (Central), Shri Mukesh Kumar Executive Member, Mukesh CS BSNL CO, Shri B D Chauda CCA Gujarat, Shri R P Meena CP Gujarat, Shri Ashok Patel CS Gujarat, Dharmendra Kumar CVP-II, Bihar and Shri Ravindar Kumar DS Noida, From SNEA side, with Shri M S Adasul GS SNEA, Shri Rajdeep AGS, Shri Jagtar Singh Jt Secy (North), Shri Satish Kumar CS Delhi Circle, Shri Sunil Gupta CP Delhi Circle, Shri Arvind Pal Dahiya CS BSNL CO and others.

     Hence we earnestly Appeal every Executive Member of SEWABSNL to VOTE for SNEA in the ensuing 3rd Membership Verification to be held on 12th September 2023 for making SNEA as the Number One Recognised Representative Association for Executive Employees with landslide overwhelming margin ever witnessed.

     SEWABSNL certainly believes that, In the present unstable scenario, the SNEA is the only Bonafide Association of Executive Employees which can resolve the legitimate Justified and pending issues of Executive Employees and BSNL Viability such as Speedy Rollout of 4G/5G, 3rd Pay Revision, Ensuring promotions to all eligible executives, Resolving the long pending issues of E2 and E3 scales, Ensuring 30% SAB to all Direct Recruited Executives, Lifting of Ban on CGA, Govt Pension to the staff recruited in DoT and appointed in BSNL and further hopes unequivocally that SNEA will always act to Protect the Interests of SC/ST Employees as per the Constitutional Provisions by all manner of means and also will continue to help to the interests of SEWABSNL assuredly in all possible way to Safe-Guard the Constitutional Rights Guaranteed in the Constitution of India including removal of Newly introduced provisions of LICE from the MSRR-2023
and will keep SEWABSNL in a Prestigious Position than at present

    Hence we Appeal to Each and Every Office Bearers and Members of SEWABSNL to ensure 100% Implementation of SEWABSNL CHQ Decision/Understanding made between SEWA and SNEA in the larger interest of SC/ST Employees and to Ensure Survival of BSNL for Better and Safe Future.

Fraternally Yours
General Secretary

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Visit of Gorakhpur:

     Team SNEA UPE comprising CS, ACS HQ, CT & DS BBNW visited Gorakhpur BA on 05.08.2023. Team SNEA GKP led by DS Sh KM Mishra ,VP PHQ Sh Rajesh Chandra ,and Senior Officer of GKP greeted circle team.
     A well organised interactive session done on different subject pertaining to BSNL & HR issues. CS addressed issues with clarity based on facts on 3rd PRC, Promotion aspects in Telecom, Civil, Electrical & finance,E2E3 standard pay scale,22820 pay scale to E1A recruits, Pay loss issues to LICE JTOs post 2016, JAO/Gate JTOs E1+5 till E2 scale, MSRR-2023 modification, Restructuring review, GTI & MHI premium along with BSNL MRS and OTP request transfer.
Team SNEA also felicitated two SNEA members on selection of daughter in NEET & other for 99% in Board exam.

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Visit of Basti:

     Team SNEA UPE comprising CS, ACS HQ, CT & DS BBNW visited Basti OA on 05.08.2023. Team SNEA Basti led by DS Sh JP Singh, DP Sh Suresh, ADS Sh Rajmani Gupta and Senior Officer OA head greeted circle team.
     A well organised interactive session done on different subject pertaining to BSNL & HR issues. CS addressed issues with clarity based on facts on 3rd PRC, Promotion aspects in Telecom, Civil, Electrical & finance,E2E3 standard pay scale,22820 pay scale to E1A recruits, Pay loss issues to LICE JTOs post 2016, JAO/Gate JTOs E1+5 till E2 scale and OTP request transfer.
     Whole function is anchored by Veteran SNEA leader Sh Manoj Kumar Verma, SDE (Electrical).

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Circle Secretary writes to Hon'ble CGM on the issue of OTP (pending request transfers) of Executives

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CEC of the UPE Circle will be held on 12.08.2023.

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     Team SNEA comprising of CS & PHQ Advisor Com Vinod Devanshi met GM Finance in-charge, DGM-F, and CAO-SEA:
We have discussed following issues in details:
1.Confirmation of JAO batch specially JAO 2018: SNEA UPE expressed its resentment on inordinate delay in confirmation process. We reminded that in last meeting with SNEA, it was agreed that all cases of JAO confirmation would be sent to BSNL Corporate office in absence of regular JAG & non completion of eligible committee members in UPE. It has been informed that data of around 27 JAOs reached in SEA cell of UPE but around 20 cases specially of JAOs of CNTX & others pending, due to which SEA cell not able to send data to Director Finance, BSNLCO. We requested that at least data reached in SEA cell UPE might be sent to BSNLCO. Parallely SNEA request to all our DS to publicise this information to send pending data of JAOs for confirmation. It has been informed that soon all documents & data will be sent from UPE to BSNLCO for confirmation.
2.SNEA UPE request that some accounts executive are overburden, some helping hand may be extended to such sensitive seats. GM(F) in-charge agreed and told soon it will be taken care off.
3.We also request to place some AO/JAOs in OAs to balance work load where only single account executive is posted. We also reminded our discussion with earlier GM-F where he agreed to place. It is informed that review will be done shortly.
4.We also discussed about fund allotment pendency in honorium head to Sanchar padak recipient. He informed that fund request will be sent shortly.
5.We also discussed about executive staff amenities as resumed in other Circle like Maharashtra etc. SNEA handed over reference letters to CAO PAY in front of GM HR. It is agreed that demand will be raised in next budget from UPE to BSNLCO.


Delegation of SNEA UP East meets Hon. Shri Rajnath Singh ji, Minister of Defence GoI:

     Shri Sushil Tripathi, CS and Shri Arun Shah, ACS met Honourable Shri Rajnath Singh ji Minister of Defence, Government of India at 10 AM on 17/07/2023 in the residence of Honorable Shri Pankaj ji MLA, UP State at 14-Kalidas Marg, Lucknow UP. First of all Circle Secretary Shri. Sushil Tripathi expressed his gratitude to the Government of India, the respected Minister of Communications, the entire Union Cabinet and especially the Prime Minister of India for declaring BSNL as strategic partner of Government of India and for approval of Second Revival package to BSNL.

     In response Hon. Minister shared that Modi jis Government is with BSNL for providing best quality services at affordable rates through indigenous facility of communication so as to reach the far-flung areas and mainly to person sitting in remote corner of rural area. In continuation to the discussions, CS UP East submitted the memorandum to Hon. Minister. On reading our memorandum, the Hon. Minister inquired about the progress of BSNL's 4G Saturation and Gram Panchayat Bharatnet Project and we have updated him how BSNL is performing well. Hon. Minister added that some communication projects are under consideration, perhaps soon these works will also be given to BSNL in the interest of the country. CS UP East elaborated issues faced by Executives of BSNL and specially requested to implement the Third Pay Commission for BSNL employees and officers and called it very important for staff motivation. The defence minister raised some questions regarding the Affordability Clause and took note of the discussion for further discussions with the Minister of Communications and firmly assured that after talking to the Communications Minister, he will certainly keep it in the Union Cabinet. Hon. Minister for Defence assured to take follow up after one month with Management.

     He directed us to work hard for revival of BSNL by providing quality services to public throughout India and assured that GoI will continue to extend support in best possible manner. We assured for same and conveyed thanks for sparing valuable time and firm assurances thereof Shri Rajnath Singh ji Minister of Defence, is also the Head of the Group of Ministers which is looking at the affordability clause of 3rd PRC for CPSEs and with his such positive support, SNEA will surely get 3rd PRC implemented in BSNL. Team SNEA UPE conveyed special gratitude to Shri. A. K. Sharma, Energy Minister, Government of Uttar Pradesh for organizing this meeting.



SNEA-UP strongly condemn derogative action against employee and requested revocation of un-ethical suspension of executives AO & SDE. The representation in this regard submitted to CGM UP and also submitted to GS SNEA CO new Delhi for persuasion at higher level (copy enclosed).


Inauguration of Diary and Calender by CGM Sri Rajeev Jauhari , UPE Circle  ,GM HR Sri Anil Vaish and PGM CFA & GMO at Lucknow. CGMT extended warm wishes to all SNEA UPE members.We discussed IPMS,Reporting structure of JTOS/SDES to AGM and Request transfer. He convinced with our point and inform us for expeditious action in coming days. Once again congrats to all SNEA UPE members & OBs. Click here for photographs 1 2 3 4


On dated 24.12.2022 team SNEA UPE lead by Sushil Tripathi, CS and Arun Shah ,ACS1 meet CGM NTR at his Lucknow official visit and discuss following point 1.Posting of DGM/GM at Varanasi 2.OFC laying and patch work by NTR in Unnao OA, Gonda OA, Lakhimpur OA, Banda OA, Azamgarh OA, Basti OA, Sonebhadra District, Akbarpur District  etc 3.Shortage of executive staff in NTR in UPE 4.Shortage of Vehicles and ofc tools 5.Request transfer case of NTR executives and most important revival package along with Prime minister office monitoring of BSNL discussed at length. In addition as CGM NTR headed various Payloss & RR commitee exchange of information done between us. Lastly He requested to put our best efforts to made BSNL profitable so that all anomalies related to pay and promotion addressed in time bound manner. Click here for photographs 1


CS SNEA Com Sushil Tripathi and ACS com  Arun Shah & Advisor Com Gopal meet Dir HR BSNL Board on dated 23.11.2022 at Lucknow  and submitted agenda and discuss about E2E3, Pay loss of E1A recruits 22820,JTO /JAO pay loss 2016 batch, JTO to SDE promotion, MS RR and express thanks for AGM promotion. Click here for photographs 1 2


CS along with ACS HQ ,VP1 & DS C.O meet CGMT ,GM Admin & DGM Admin on 31.11.2022 and have detail discussion on following issues:

1. Request transfer cases .Three options concept rejected by SNEA that's agreed by mgmt. It is agreed upon our argument to consider request transfer in replacement stay of JTOs+SDEs will considered.

2. IPMS relaxation in view of resource crunch ,CGMT agreed upon association reasoning and asked to take up issues with CHQ. He too write to HQ for this.

3. Discussion on VRLA batteries at corporate tender.

4. Jaunpur case and no action by GM BA Sultanpur discussed and CGM instructed GM admin for immediate action on no- response.

5. Account & Electrical Civil wing transfer posting discussed and transparent policy discussed at depth.

Let's expect positive output in days to come.

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8th Circle Conference of SNEA UPE will be held at Gahoi Bhawan, Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur from 24.12.2021 to 25.12.2021.

Notice of Circle Conference >>>>>  Click here  1  2

Circular of Circle Conference >>>>> Click here


Dear Comrades,

Make extensive preparations for the Mass Dharna on 22.12.2021 with maximum Participation. Each and every common member of the Association should participate atleast one day agitation on 22nd or 28th or 29th or 30th of December. Plan the schedule accordingly. The Office Bearers at different level may be given responsibilities to make the agitation program a big success.

For making the joint agitation more success, the Joint meeting of the Associations should be held before 22nd in all the SSAs/Branches wherever it is not held and may be reported to PHQ.


Meeting with Hon CGMT on 06.10.2020:
Circle Secretary along with Com Sushil Tripathi Circle President & Com Rishi Prakash ACS, Com Gopal Krishna ACS, Com RK Shukla Circle Treasurer, Com RP Singh DS Circle Office met with CGM after winning of 2nd MV in UPE,
     CS, CP and both the ACS were called upon by Hon Shri Rana Ashok Kumar Singh CGMT to discussed the critical Company/HR issues on the agenda which we have already served. On this occasion, Shri PP Srivastava GM (Admin/HR) & Shri DK Pandey DGM (Admin) were also present from Management side.
     We have discussed the Company HR issues including CFA, CM, EB and the pending HR issues at circle level. We gave several vital inputs on Company issues including FTTH, IP MLLN, new CFA mtce. tender, condition of infra, bandwidth related issues, Urja App, LPSC issue in electricity bills, etc.. Association���s feedback has been positively acknowledged by Hon CGMT. We have been informed that positive steps is being taken on many issues e.g. rehabilitation of OFC routes, installation of new third party OLTs, etc.

     We also requested that request transfer of JTOs and SDEs may also be considered before restructuring. CGM was positive in the issue taken by association to issue on giving look-after promotion to executives especially from Civil, electrical and Finance. We requested to issue that stay particulars of JTOs on the circle stay at particular station not on SSA basis. Details of discussion will be intimated soon.


SNEA UPE successfully conducted online pre-CEC. Almost all the office bearers and large number of members participated in this meeting. Com K Sebastin GS SNEA CHQ also addressed the meeting and replied queries of members.


A well-organized successful 'General Body Meeting' of Kanpur Telecom District Branch was held on 27.09.2020 through web conference and it was attended by almost all the Executives of this Branch, Com Pavitra Singh (CS), Com PK Shukla (Ex-AGS), Com Anurag Mishra, Com KM Sahu, Com Ved Tiwari, Com Manoj Sharma, Com Anjani Tripathi, Com Pranjal, Com Prabhatkar, Com Amit Katiyar, Com Chandan Kumar addressed the meeting. CS replied all the queries raised by the members. Com Anurag Mishra was unanimously elected as election officer and elections were held. Com Ved Prakash(DE), Com Ravindra Pratap (DE) & Com Krishna Mohan Sahu(JTO) have been elected unanimously as President, Secretary & Treasurer respectively. Com Pranjal has been elected as CEC member.


A well-organized successful 'General Body Meeting' of Mobile Branch Lucknow was held on 24.09.2020 at Lucknow and it was attended by almost all the Executives of this Branch. Com Jamal Ahmad (CWC member), Com Gopal Krishna(ACS) addressed the body and replied all the queries raised by the members. Later on, elections were held and Com Himanshu Bajpai (DE), Com Peeyush Verma(JTO) & Com Amit Kumar Shukla (JTO) have been elected unanimously as President, Secretary & Treasurer respectively.


A well-organized successful Annual Conference of Faizabad Branch was held on 11.09.2020 and through web conferencing it was also addressed by CS who replied all the queries of the members pertaining to Circle/Corporate Office level. CS also congratulated the members for winning of 2nd MV at Faizabad. Later on, elections were held and Com Riyaz Ahmad(JTO), Com Suneel Kumar(JTO) & Com Prashant Verma(JTO) have been elected unanimously as President, Secretary & Treasurer respectively.


SNEA UPE wrote strong letter again to CGMT UPE in continuation of our earlier letter- SNEA/UPE/CGMT/2020 dated 10.08.2020 regarding illogical intra circle transfer orders of JTOs.


A well-organized successful Annual Conference of Azamgarh Branch, UP (East) Circle, was held on 28.07.2020 at Azamgarh. Later on, elections were held and Com Kamlesh Yadav (JTO), Com Avnish Kumar Singh (JTO) & Com Gaurav Kumar Singh (JTO) have been elected unanimously as President, Secretary & Treasurer respectively.


Today, we met Hon CGMT & PGM (Admin) after becoming the No. 1 Association in UPE in the MV. The delegation comprises of Com Gopal Krishna ACS SNEA UPE,  Com RK Shukla Circle Treasurer, Com Deepesh Chandra Shukla District Treasurer Circle Office and other senior office bearers.

 Management congratulated team SNEA UPE on getting 1st position in UPE.  We told them that SNEA represent majority of members in UPE and member���s aspirations are high.  There are many issues of members which has be to be resolved. Hon CGMT acknowledged the issues & assured positive response.  



SNEA got comprehensive victory and become majority Association in UPE. We defeated all the other Associations in UPE. This victory is a morale booster for members of SNEA UPE after getting 1st position in UPE though most of our members took VRS.

We congratulate each and every member of SNEA for ensuring the victory of Association in UPE.

Final voting figures of UPE:

SNEA - 724


Others - 189

BSNL Zindabad                                 SNEA Zindabad                                Ours Unity Zindabad